MEDA102: Digital Coding


Statement: For this assignment I wanted to play around with animation and a very aesthetically busy work. I was very inspired by the Vera Molnar works we saw in our tutorials and decided to take my spin on them by adding contrasting colours and animation. I was also inspired by an emerging trend in music festival promotions which also feature the technique of having a very visually engaging and static aesthetic. In order to create this piece I had to incorporate many aspects of the work we completed in class to my code, including embedded loops to create the grid and algorithm to create the frequency and distance between squares, many of which relate back to the Vera Molnar works.


void setup() {
//set window size
size(600, 600);
// set background colour, for final inst make yellow and orange too.
float v = 0;
void draw() {
// to make movement/create animation
//to make a grid, use a loop within a loop, I want squares starting from the point 0,0
for (int i = 0; i < 600; i = i+20) {
for (int j = 0; j < 600; j = j+20) {
//float bob = random(30); and add movement in +v, bob is creating the frequency of the rect.
float bob = noise(i/100.0 + v,j/100.0)*20;
//make squares using the rect command
rect(i, j, bob, bob);
//make sure that the height and width of the rect is the same.







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